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Stories Descriptions - Joelle's misc
November 5th, 2013
10:11 am
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Stories Descriptions
My Portal Page just keeps getting bigger and bigger, and I don't plan on the growth stopping. So I've decided to make an adjunct page with a little more detail about the stories accessible there and elsewhere. (Stories yet-to-be-written are located at my 'What's cooking...' page.) Near the bottom are stories that are hosted at my Triune community, rather than my Portal Page, and the few not currently online.

For curious newbies or visitors from FictionPress: Twilight-Hope = Avalorn = Vrnyden = The Defender (of Life) = t'DoL.

Stories are ordered just as at the Portal Page. So a story near the top of a list here will be near the top of a list there. Stories with illustrations are underlined.

walking hyarmi

General audience stories

Title Length Description
The Tale of the Apple-grower 2,100 Geren's favorite story, passed down through generations, in which The Defender protects a village from a swarm of locusts.
Reunion 11,650 My first full-sized completed short story--over fifteen years old now. Eighteen-year-old Hileko Heruvael-son is reunited with The Defender--but events threaten to separate them again.
Hu-Hov's Debut 10,030 Eleven-year-old Hu-Hovingen comes to her first Council meeting seeking a patron, and gets more than she could imagine.
The Final Circuit 11,360 Rumors and stories spread among the hyarmi race as the transformation of Hileko is revealed and he rides the ancient Healing Circuit.
The Folly of Horanu 1,250 The hyarmi cautionary tale that is their equivalent to Aesop's 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf.'
Allegiance 1,970 In which Vrnyden wins the fealty and friendship of the Lord of Wolves.
Wildfire 8,300 In which The Defender struggles to save seven-year-old cub Hovenn, his family, and the hyarmi of the district from a destructive wildfire.
Sheltering Wings 7,500 Seventeen-year-old Saenna is an untrained mage, fleeing for her life from dark-mages. She finds a mysterious cave in the winter tundra that provides far more than simply shelter.
The Reformation of Tarreg 8,550 A former dark-mage tells his story.
Beside the Bookcase 2,550 A chance event leads student Hened into a brief encounter with Heruvael.
Heritage 3,880 Historian Hened comes to Hileko on the day he turns 10, to teach him The Defender's true name.
Bedtime 1,360 A conversation between six-year-old Hileko Heruvael-son and The Defender. Dialogue-only.

Stories related to Hope's Passage

Title Length Description
Of the Coming of Heruvael to Hu-Harek 2,500 In which the 10-year-old cub Heruvael is brought by his bereaved father to Hu-Harek for training.
One Shining Day 11,330 A single day in the life of fledgling Twilight-Hope, one year before the destruction of everything he knows.
Encounters 6,000 In which Winter-Mist goes to Fiery-Sunset with the request that he train fledgling Twilight-Hope.
The Stalking 5,400 A few weeks after the close of Hope's Passage, Arun and his fledgling find they're being watched...but for what purpose?
A Song in the Twilight 7,760 Five years after Hope's Passage, young Vrnyden returns to Hu-Halle, seeking knowledge of the avarii ritual of coming-of-age. They go the Caverns of History, bearing very different questions.
A Gift for Parting 3,250 In which Vrnyden Avalorn brings a gift of his own inventing to Hu-Harek, and speaks with her for the last time before her death.
Nothing Gold can Stay
31,810 Of the death of Hu-Harek and the giving of her dreadful secrets, trouble among the nations, and the alliance of Heruvael and Vrnyden Avalorn.
You Find What You Look For 2,470 In which Trapper Arun gets a pair of strange visitors.
Defender 11,410 Of how Vrnyden came to be called 'the Defender of Life.'
The Furthest Leap
31,870 In which Jonill's life is transformed after she is included in the first class taught by the Defender to master leaping with power.

tDoL and Geren

Stories related to the Geren books

Title Length Description
Master-Stone's Warder 11,470 Hu-Hov has finally become a hyarmi Historian--and her new role that comes with it brings both delight and peril.
Pranks 2,640 Just because Hu-Hov has one of the world's most unique jobs, doesn't mean she can't have bad days and a bad attitude...
The Swap 3,600 Master-glassworker Sorenn of Lansend is fed up with his defective scrying-stone, until both he and The Defender get the better end of a bargain.
Saltwater 4,290 Copper in a tavern in his homeland, telling a tale of a mishap of his at the Dominion's mage-school. Monologue.
Hened Ascendant 6,890 In which young historian Hened comes to Hu-Harek's home with a crazy conviction that sets him on a course of amazing discoveries.
Of Insults and Arguments 4,860 Master-historian Hened is perturbed by the hostility between the Black Prince and The Defender, and decides to confront his Prince about it.
Wrane: I remember 5,940 Mage-judge Wrane's last letter to The Defender, recounting his life, choices, and final actions.
Vigil 17,210 The 'real' story of The Defender's capture and sacrifice by High Priestess Ilka.
'Alternate' 3,500 Hileko's perspective on the 'gap' between chapters 1 and 2 of Hu-Hua's Cry.
On the Twilit Wind 3,210 The first meeting of The Defender and 12-year-old Tamaresh.
The Black Prince Apologia 6,240 In which Hiarmintar-ik sets pen to paper to justify some of his more controversial deeds.
Tongue-tied 2,500 A portion of The Defender's testimony to Master-Historian Hened about a pivotal event in The Shado of Sorrow, wherein he struggles to hide the presence of Geren.
Dispossession 2,140 A portion of the events of chapter 6 in The Subverted War, as seen from the Black Prince's point of view.
In The Pit 3,370 Hened's perspective on his visit to The Defender in The Subverted War, chapter 14.
The Secrets of Fynydov 6,000 A dialogue between The Defender and Heruvael, after The Defender discovers the hidden ruins of the Archivist's Archive and finds both treasure and terrible knowledge.
Shadowe 3,790 Some weeks after the hooplah and triumph of 'The Final Circuit,' Hileko realizes there's something uncanny hunting him.
Alliance 7,160 Of the first meetings between Harai and the Lord of Forests, and the time between.
The Trial of Tilnon 6,560 In which Tilnon is brought to trial before the Council of the Races for charges related to the murder of the hu-hyarmi Hu-Hanik.
The Great Wave (novella) 29,330 The tale of The Defender's aid to Bivord and Glashowal in the year of the Great Wave, from his vision of its coming to the gratitude of Bivord in the autumn after its fall.
The Last Tutelage (novella) 22,900 Copper's experiences during parts of The Subverted War and Emissary's Sacrifice.
Beside the Embers 1,640 A gift dialogue for ME set shortly after the end of Emissary's Sacrifice.
The Restoration of Tarek 6,880 Shortly after the end of Emissary's Sacrifice, Geren receives the help he needs to help Tarek.

The Chronicles of Delarun and related stories

Title Length Description
The Chronicles of Delarun 121,430 Novel containing stories of Delarun between its founding and the last message of its Master. The entire novel is now currently available for reading as .pdf.
To Serve Unseen 5,170 In which young Kirih learns of the heritage of the cooks of Delarun.
The Courage of Tarlah 7,000 Of the rescue of Tarlah, her coming to Delarun, and courage.
Happy Birthday, Defender! 7,790 Hu-Hov has her first celebration of t'DoL's birthday in the Caverns, while Tarlah and Giria observe it in Delarun.
Resurrection 9,240 Of the deliverance and restoration of the slave Tryturn Four.
The Last Orphan 19,560 Wherin Tarlah makes her case over the identity of Delarun's Last Orphan.

The Fourth Emissary and related stories

Title Length Description
The Fourth Emissary 90,450 Novel of the Shado's life from its birth up to its return to the Blessed Realm and truce with The Defender. Available for reading as .pdf.
t'ACm 405 3,950 Hu-Hov's record of the Shado's coming to the Council of the Races.
On The Water 860 A brief dialogue between The Defender and his Shado.

Stories related to the Triune Novels

These are available at avarii_wings, listed chronologically

Title Length Description
Embers Fade to Ash 10,780 The real story of Saenna's rescue of The Changer.
Fritillary 6,910 In which Historian Hilome visits Eskaldaen and finds his future.
Renegade 8,660 Siblings Night-Wind and Twilight-Mountains on a hunt that proves remarkable.
Unpaid Leave 5,050 Tarish's boss persuades him to take a few days off, and what ensues.

Below is a table of stories/snippets/dialogues that are not currently available online. Stories are listed in order of age, oldest first. Please ask if interested in reading.

Title Length Description/Notes
The Sacrifice of Hadin 2,750 Of the first hyarmi captured and brought before the Goddess' altar. But for High Priestess Ilka, things don't go quite as she planned... Not posted, because I used this for getting a rejection letter, and might do so again.
The Passing of Arun 1,540 Of the death of Trapper Arun. Not posted because reading this always triggers an emotional meltdown--I do NOT want to be able to access this from work!

Stories embedded in my Geren books, such as 'A Parent's Woe,' 'The Tale of Enderon,' 'Snowfall,' 'The Tale of the Races,' 'Lirek's Encounter,' and 'Ilka' are not included in the above tables.

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